COACH KENT MURPHY – Branding; Campaign; Video Production

Baseball Wisdom with Kent Murphy began as an inside joke between myself and comedian Nick Hall when we first uploaded Hitting Homers with Kent Murphy in late 2012. We never anticipated that our foul mouthed, beer culture “youth coach” would eventually spawn 30 videos (and counting) with over 30 MILLION cumulative views and a highly engaged cult following.

As our audience grew, we began to interact and engage in exciting ways through social media (Twitter 185k followers, Facebook, Instagram), merchandise sales (Spreadshirt), and consistent YouTube programming.


I became the primary brand ambassador, designing a custom “Coach Kent” logo, which has become a representative icon for the brand.


Once a homespun brand identity was established, I incorporated this icon into t-shirt merchandising resulting in over 1,000 units sold to date.


By placing this simple advertisement as the banner art on the Kent Murphy social media accounts, merchandise sales saw an immediate spike and has remained consistent despite limited promotion.

In addition to a publishing schedule of one YouTube video per week (Sunday), we kept our audience actively engaged by creating social media memes and promotional posters to correspond with the theme of each week’s video.



In 2014 I devised a promotional campaign (Journey To The Field) to lead up to the premiere of Season 2 of Baseball Wisdom with Kent Murphy. The goal was to build awareness that the show would be returning for weekly episodes following a 5 month hiatus.

This campaign combined with frequent social updates allowed us to reach over 10,000 views in the first 24 hours after publishing the Season 2 premiere, a feat which was only achieved twice during Season 1.

CREDITS: Brand manager, Campaign strategy, Producer, Video Director, Camera operator, Video Editor, Graphic Design


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