GREEN BOX GO – Branding, Copywriting


In January 2013 I teamed with Green Box Go to develop a rebranding strategy that would place the eco-friendly moving box company as a fun, relevant, and reliable alternative to traditional cardboard boxes.

I teamed with a local illustrator to find the right logo that would convey friendly, fun, and “on-the-move.” (Creative Brief for Green Box Go Icon Development)

Concept1 Concept2 Concept3

After a series of conceptual drafts, we eventually settled on “Boxer,” who seemed to rocket off the page with personality.Final Logo ConceptOnce we had our logo, it was time to incorporate Boxer into my “Go Home Green” campaign with the creation of business cards and a new, intuitive website.

Front_side       Back_side

Website images are conceptual, though very close to the final versionHomeFAQ1Pricing

CREDITS: Brand strategy, graphic design, copywriting


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