INVENTION PICTURES – Branding; Copywriting; Video Production

“Telamon 30 Year Anniversary” (credit: writer)

Invention Pictures, Inc. has remained a special project for me since I founded the company with President and CEO Nathan Rausch sophomore year 2004 at Ball State University. Even though Nathan and I formally dissolved our partnership in 2007, we have continued an ongoing collaboration ever since. I still write, direct, shoot, edit, market, and consult for Invention Pictures on a regular basis and I hope that never changes. It’s so fulfilling to see the company that I helped dream up continue to grow and evolve after all these years.

For further background, here is the “About” copy I wrote for

“Born out of a college dorm in 2004, Invention Pictures began with a youthful ambition to tell great stories through video and photography. We know that every story worth telling deserves a unique point of view, and that has been our promise to each of our clients since day one – make it special. With the power of pictures we cut through the clutter to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. We want to help show the world what it’s missing, and it all begins with a belief that big things don’t just happen  . . . they’re invented.”

In 2013 Nathan and I worked with Endeavor Communications on their annual conference video. Our goal was to reinforce Endeavor’s standing as an engaged member of the rural Indiana community and to address Endeavor’s key services in a warm, friendly light. The result was “Building Your Tomorrow” (credits: writer, producer, assistant camera).

CREDITS: Co-founder, Consultant, Concept Development, Producer, Video Director, Screenwriter, Copywriter, Camera, Editor


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