nickhallcomedy – Branding; Campaign; Video Production

FB_Cover_Photonickhallcomedy is a branded campaign to promote the work of comedian Nick Hall. Since April 2013, I have worked closely with Nick to develop an online multimedia showcase centered around YouTube resulting in over 30 million views.

Previously known exclusively as his Coach Kent Murphy character, Nick was eager to diversify his content. So in 2014 we launched nickhallcomedy 2.0 which introduced a higher publishing frequency including a sketch series (nickhallcomedy Presents), a weekly podcast, and the reintroduction of Baseball Wisdom with Kent Murphy Season 2.

nickhallcomedy Youtube Screenshotby utilizing playlists, custom thumbnails, in-video call-to-actions, and social media promotions, we were able to significantly increase subscription rates and viewership.

Breaking-Up-thumbYouTube player screenshot

For a deeper look into the campaign feel free to visit nickhallcomedy at, Twitter, Facebook, YouTubeGoogle Plus, and PodOMatic.

CREDITS: Chief operations strategist, producer, director, cameraman, video editor, copywriter, graphic designer, and social media specialist


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