‘No One Is Safe’ Debuts On PIX11.com

No One Is Safe From Son of Sam was initially released on PIX11.com on August 10, 2017 to coincide with the 40th anniversary of David Berkowitz’s capture.

Rolando Pujol, WPIX’s director of digital and social strategy, unearthed significant archival footage from 1977 that vividly recalls the fear and confusion that gripped New York City in the five months after the NYPD’s March press conference until the August breaking news announcing Son of Sam had been caught.

“As a child of the ’70’s and growing up in New York, the Son of Sam case has loomed large my entire life,” Pujol said.  Pujol collected a large amount of PIX11 reports from 1977 and gave them to Heath Benfield, Creative Services producer at WPIX, who created a compelling, eight minute retrospective of that time in our city’s history.

“Everybody knows the Son of Sam,” Benfield observed. “But the passing decades have dulled the fear and paranoia of the Summer of 1977. This is an attempt to recreate that frenetic atmosphere and capture the experience that held our whole city hostage 40 years ago.”

Benfield is not exaggerating. The city was held hostage by this unknown killer, who started to take delight in taunting the police and New Yorkers.

Read the whole entry on PIX11.com here.

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